Just Architectural is an architecture studio bent on offering quality services in our field.

Appealing to specialized support, an architecture studio, in designing a building is a wise decision every investor should make. It is time-saving and ensures that your projects will live up to the required expectations. In order to receive an accurate quotation regarding the cost of a building, on must consult an architecture studio as the project may vary depending on: construction costs, sustainability, safety and quality of the end product.

Our architecture studio offers you specialized support from the very moment you decide to turn your dreams into reality.

We are with you right from the start, providing all the necessary support: consultancy on obtaining a building permit, customized building plans and concept, as well as 3D views of the concept, landscape architecture, plotting and filing all documents.

Just Architectural architecture studio also offers support in surveying operations as well as reconversions.


Our architecture studio also specializes in large format printing, scanning, folding and filing solutions, especially catered for the needs of design companies, or other specialties. We have flexible working hours, and can also deliver the printed documents to your office.

This architecture studio only uses high-end equipment, purchased via the EU’s START 2013 Structural Funds Program.

Who are we? We are a young team of architects, open to new ideas, and interested in our clients demands, our end goal being that of satisfying your needs in the shortest time possible.

Whether you are looking to design your dream home, or modify an existing one, transform your garden into a green oasis with a unique design or build your corporate headquarters, or just print, scan your large format documents, the architecture studio JUST ARCHITECTURAL is at your disposal with quality, time effective  solutions.